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sunny days


Everyone hopes for sunny days at the beach. I actually don't even go to the beach itself that much. Walks to town, crafts on the deck, a newspaper to linger over, coffee pot then lemonade pitcher, books on the lounge. Suppose I could be in a field in the midwest- which was my beach growing up, but the sound of the ocean, the pace of life makes the beach so appealing. Everyone is always happy there. Doing nothing at all, just enjoying the sun and the freedom to be lazy.

Sndbch4xt_2 When the kids are there, I do drag a chair into the sand where I sit entirely under our ancient rusty umbrella, the big watermelon slice now our personal family marker. Can't even concentrate on a book for long. Flipping through magazines, group crossword puzzling, people watching, shell collecting, talking, sea-gazing, rearranging that sliver of shade. And loving the busy-ness and giggles of children running in and out of the water- outwitting the tide.


Everyone is happy at the beach when the sun is shining. xoC

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