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a herd of turtles


Crafts bag, book bag, beach bag, boat bag. All packed. So off we go like a herd of turtles, as my mother would say, to a seashore shellshack. To barefoot days in the sand, under an umbrella watching the surf swing by, with my own sweet gang right beside me. To barefoot nights watching the sunset on the bay, playing scrabble, painting rocks, grilling outside, dodging mosquitoes. Just the way I like it (well, not the last part)!

I'll try to stay in touch a little bit if I can- some important events coming up while I am away that I want you to know about. In case it's impossible to post from the island, I set up some auto-publish posts. But you never know what you'll find in the sand- like the $100 bill we found one year!  Maybe this time more driftwood, shell shards and a wireless connnection. Okay, another C-note, as my dad would say, wouldn't be so bad either. Happy summer reading and relaxing everyone- wherever you are. xoC


lovin' those books!

did you wonder?