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out of the rut, back in the groove


After a long few days, I think I'm back in my groove. It seemed like I had to touch every single piece of textile, button, paper and thread in the millions of studio baskets and drawers, but I'm finally enjoying the process and the finished work. Whew!

At the bakery the other day I picked up a cake to take to a last minute dinner party (I know- how wonderful!)....the counter girl started to wrap the cake box. She reached left for a spool of green and white twine. To her right was the new, never-seen-before black and white spool. Wait, wait! Um, excuse me, but can you use that one, please? Um, what? Can you use the black and white one, please? Whatever. Okay. And can you wrap it a few more times, in both directions? O thanks, thanks so much!

At the party, I ask the hostess if I can take the cake out of the box. She watches me unwrap the gorgeous baker's twine like it was my grandmother's gold bracelet. I coil it up and put it in my pocket. I feel pretty silly, but I'm so happy to have that pocket full of twine. All mine. I should go back for cupcakes today. Celebrate my groove. xoC

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