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backyard bouquets


Right about now you must be thinking this isn't a craft blog anymore, it's only about flowers. O, but this is the one time of year I have anything in my garden to be proud of: lilacs, fence roses and peonies. Not that I have anything to do with these miracles. Like that little wren, they just appear, overnight, surprising me through the window, calling out...we made it, we're back again! And all I do is cut judiciously, sparingly from the back and bring the fragile blossoms into the house to make little bouquets. Tiny nosegay bouquets to fill tiny pots like this one for the hostess of the luncheon yesterday. It's so sweet it's almost too much, like a cake rose. Before it left the house though I took a bazillion pictures of it because...well, it's fun. And it's pretty and it won't ever look like that again.

And it will inspire me. Me with my messy scraps on a tray.


And my small collages made with what's left-


which is nothing at all compared to what's left here.  xoC


point of view

jane's day