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keep your scissors out


While we are talking about decoupage, here's one more project idea. I meant to post this around Mother's Day, but I'm thinking it might be a cute project for teacher appreciation or Father's Day or just backyard summer crafts. This was from a Rosie magazine craft article I did when my book came out (photo by Paul Whicheloe). I love this shot especially because the adorable children are our friends who so graciously agreed to help me craft and then model for the article too. The plates they made were for their mom. So, so sweet - and the expression on R's face!

How to-- The plates are decoupaged onto the back of a clear glass plate. Start with copies of artwork and handwriting layering the circles of paper center first and outward toward the plate edge. The last layer is decorative gift tissue which is easy to smush into place (although do not overdo it, it will tear). Mod Podge dries clear and is my favorite for this project (and a million more). So first create the layered collage and then use a foam brush and Mod Podge on the front of the papers, pressing them face-up onto the back of the sparkling clean plate. Gently press the bubbles out. When the whole thing dries, trim the outer edge once more and paint the back of the plate white. Hang it on the wall or stand it on a platestand. Although you can wipe off the glass front, the back cannot get wet...it's still paper!   xoC 

those tweet bird clips

funny little coasters...