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funny little coasters...


My friend Robin gave me these crazy coasters some time ago. Love these! So funky, someone worked my kind of crafty magic on them maybe in the 70's. They are each different, decoupaged with cutouts from cards and magazines and then all roughed up from years of use. The charm of each little composition makes me smile each time I get them out and look at the quirky collages. Whenever I go thrifting, objects always turn up that seem to say...make me over! please do something- I need a pick-me-up. I, of course, take that call literally and bring the thing home. A wood box, tray, old chair, mirror frame. You can't go wrong with paper and glue. A little gold paint helps too.


Keep your eyes open for a surface to work on and settle in on the couch with the bazillion magazines you probably have. Just cut and paste...and seal with a final coat of poly for wear and tear. Someone is going to consider it folk art down the road...uh, that would definitely be me!



Typepad is being so strange lately...today it changed the name of my post and dropped most of the content. Other days it won't allow comments - which drives me crazy. But I did discover an interview with me today over here at creative blogger....I actually still agree with what I said. Amazing. xoC

keep your scissors out

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