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sort and stack, put it back


Today is my last day working at the church sale before the sale itself begins tomorrow. I have been assigned to the fabrics room....I know, that's a dangerous place for me to land. Every room has its temptations for me, but this is the worst....and of course, the best. Apparently, not many people sew around here these days which means the pile of fabrics is gorgeous and enormous, an accumulation of years of donations. Sort and stack, roll and bundle, bag and tag. Interesting to imagine where these fabrics came from, what they were intended for. Remnants with funny shaped pieces missing, decorative borders cut off and pinned with handwritten notes. There are dress patterns from 1930, vintage Workbasket magazines, a bag of buttons, metal zippers, drapery hooks, seam bindings, bra and garter snaps, tatted trims, ribbons, bags and bags of yarn and this o-so-delicious box of thread spools. Better than candy. I've been good this year, really I have. But I think I still gained 10 lbs.  xoC


spring church sale

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