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spring garden fair


So much to do on these spring weekends! Last Saturday my garden club participated in a Garden Fair for the neighboring communities. Members worked throughout the winter and then sold their perennials and annuals so lovingly tended and raised in the historic greenhouse. Gorgeous plants at a fraction of the cost of those at nurseries along with the expertise of the growers make this a favorite event each year.

As part of our education program, Suzanne and I held our last children's floral workshop in the midst of all with a free potting garden for marigolds. The idea was to let the children get their hands in the dirt and learn how to pot annuals. Not much to it, and the children wasted no time getting busy with soil and flowers. Fun to see the moms all pretend to be surprised as their little ones turned and offered them a freshly potted marigold for an early Mother's Day gift. On such a hot day, they really couldn't wait to splash around in the bucket of water for washing dirty hands -- as much fun as the bag of potting soil. A perfectly glorious and super-sunny day in the garden!


Next weekend is the local church sale. I'm clearing the calendar both to sort and pack here, then take it over there to sort and price. Must really, really try not to buy back what I donate- or anything else for that matter! xoC   

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