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happy to you, sweet maggie


It's Maggie's birthday today...she's twenty-something, off at her "big-girl job."  I spent the morning in a pile of photo albums looking for that perfect photo to celebrate her day. Of course, I ended up in the baby department. (She's grateful that I am not revealing the awkward years as she calls them.) Even though this photo is so out of focus, it is my favorite today. I just want to climb in there, scoop her up and hug her. That face all flushed from the bath and bedtime playfulness, those sleepers already too small but so snuggly, those eyes, the bluest we ever saw, that look, so Mags! That look that says I love you, Mom! I love everything.....I love every day, every minute that I get to be in this world, every one of you, every adventure.....the whole thing. It's so much fun! Let's play all night!

And then I looked through her baby book. Didn't need to be reminded that she was an amazingly easy baby, but always very determined. A child who knew what she wanted out of each day. Creative, easy-going, loving, funny...man, is she funny!...., hard-working, smart, poised, beautiful, chatty, a little moody, compassionate, gentle, self-reliant, happy, always true to herself....all the words I used to describe her as a baby still portray Maggie, the young woman.


I just can't figure out how we went from here.......

Bwm2_3  to ................


here so impossibly fast!

Happy Birthday, our darling Maggie! We love you so very much! xoxoxoxo

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