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read, sit, love


The world is going crazy again. It hurts so much to walk by a newsstand or TV and see all this tragedy, all the heartbreak. Being away from home, away from my family, friends, craft cave and blogging world is hard today. I'm surviving on this book which I enjoy so much I could be the author's publicity person. Order it today, you won't be sorry. 2 women asked me what the title was when they heard me laughing out loud waiting to board my flight ...which day, which flight? There have been 4 of those. Not sure. Both passengers had it on their list of possible titles to pick up and they could not have been more different in appearance or demeanor. One was a serious briefcase-toting professor type. The second was a young basketball coach. My friend Nicki is reading it too after I raved the other night. I think this is a book for all women.

I try to keep it nearby and read small amounts because I'm nibbling on it like someone living off an airport shrink-wrapped muffin at the gate. It is getting raggedy, carted all over the hospital, coffeehouse, airport, homes of friends and my mom's apartment. I am leaving a trail of crumbs and crumpled bookmarks. eat, pray, love is becoming my own mantra too.

Mom is out of the hospital as of an hour ago which is a relief except that we begin another chapter in recovery. She is being so stubborn about what she can and cannot do, will and will not do. I am a good daughter, but not a good nurse- just as adamant about my own list of do's and don'ts. I can't battle her though -she's way tougher than I am. Just have to step up my sense of humor. But I tell you, I am not going to take her out this afternoon - with the walker, in the mustang- to look at trendy urban condominiums. That book is being written today. The working title is no, non, nada.   xoC


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