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just in time


From the April issue of the magazine which is already gone from the shelves......my eggs decorated with stickers. Now that's easy! The shot and the work looks so cute...love the way they styled the eggs with the blades of grass. I like the eggs with ribbons and belly bands, too (below). The mini-basket is made from a paper coffee cup that I found at my town market. They had 2 sizes at the coffee stand and I kept going in to buy empty cups to try out. At first the owner just gave them to me, but by cup #8, I said I should start paying for them. Okay, 10 cents each. Deal!


Loved making these cards too...the editor wanted everything to be from one pair of simple templates so my lil bunny and chick got a lot of work. Thinking they did a fine job. Pillows anyone?


first things first

more easter ideas