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bunny fever

Clyonsmollybunnysnip2_2Warmer weather has finally melted the snow away. Everyone is outside playing. Yesterday I walked the track at the high school to get out of the studio for a break. As I went around the track, I counted 59 robins busy pulling bits from the super soggy grass. Really, there were 59 diligent red robins in 3 little flocks! None of them flying, just working. I couldn't believe how many there were! It was like some kind of news flash went out-- All robins report to high school hill for clean-up duty.

Not quite that many bunnies back here in the studio, but spring fever is definitely at work. I caught a bunny virus. Happens every year. Come back to see how we're getting along. Caution- it's contagious.

the bunny farm

sweetie, sugar bunny