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the grateful chick


For the early birds out there....the chicky pillow goes to Linda Sonia for her comment March 19 at 6:03 a.m. Maggie selected her name last night while we watched Dancing with the Stars. Thank you all, my lucky stars.

I am delighted to know that it has a new home! It was a pleasure to make and happily, I used up some of my odds and ends. The embroidered lavender flowers are actually grapes that were the stitched decoration on a fringed cocktail napkin. I turned them and the napkin upside down and ta-da...perfect. Seriously though, I could have made another pillow in the time it took to print and cut all those comment slivers for the bowl- not to mention the time spent hovering at the computer waiting for comments to come in. Not complaining though. I loved reading each and every one. Can you tell that I am a first-born child with an insatiable need for praise and encouragement that I am doing things correctly? Thanks for all the pats on the back.

The sun is out- slowly working on the 6 inches of snow and ice still here, but the birds are singing. I think it will be some time before we see any daffodils. Putting some new Easter-y things in etsy later today....like this. Come see.    xoC


the legacy of the cherry dress