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bogota then cartagena


This was my first OMG detour walking to our connecting flight in Bogota. If I had any knowledge of Spanish I would have bought out the entire case. Going to Bogota? Please buy me some of these- I'll pay you back. Right away I knew I was going to like it here.

And then this man was in front of me as we walked to the plane. I took about 10 pictures of his awesome hat (without him noticing). Turns out, it's a particular Columbian hat style that was for sale on the streets in Cartagena. Wish I had seen those chicks again.


And I am really sorry that I didn't spend some of my stay-at-home time learning Spanish. My kids all speak it, but my French was/is useless now. Feeling like such an ugly American, I wore everyone out saying Gracias...for every little thing. Thank heavens for Elena, our sweet, amazing, kind friend who hosted our visit at her brother's vacation home in Cartagena. She was born and raised in Bogota and her daughter was married in Cartagena so she knew everything, everyone and everywhere.


Really could not believe it when the taxi let us out here in front of the house. This carriage surprised me at that moment, but we got used to them trotting by day and night, about every 10 minutes. Those horses work so hard and are so thin. More on that another time.



We entered through that white door within a door. Inside- more astonishment.


Welcome, would you like to drink? to eat? to rest? to swim? The cook is here, the masseuse is arriving soon and then we will go out walking to the plaza to watch the moon rise over the church.


We were way beyond cute plastic chicks at the airport kiosk. Transported doesn't even begin to describe the experience.

And there is more.... will get to it tomorrow.  xoC

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