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moderately adventurous


I've been lucky to have some incredible trips this year. In September I got to go here which was absolutely wonderful- a dream come true. But then in October we also went to San Francisco for a wedding. A long weekend was like being away for a week. There is so much to do, to see- on the short list. Walking around Chinatown I felt completely transported by everything. Signs, colors, language, vegetable stands, street art, hills and views. This picture is one of my very, very favorites....don't know if I wish I had a baby on my back or if I would rather be the baby riding and playing with that little pony on gramma's shoulder. Either way, it looks good to me. (Of course, I couldn't carry a baby like that for 10 steps anymore, but the idea of it is still nice.)


You could walk all day, all night, not run out of sights.


And then dance all night, not run out of more delightful sights.   


Yep, that was a fun weekend- especially because it was about celebrating, being with lifelong friends, dancing, dressing up. 4 days in SF is a major getaway. I felt spoiled then--that was a lot of traveling for me. I was ready to hang out in NY for a long time, but then it was off to St.Louis, then Indiana. Tomorrow I'll tell you where we are going now. The girl who never leaves the studio/craft cave is really getting adventurous. I mean really.


not in kansas (or even missouri)

good for something