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Thanks so much for the comments about our Mo...how sweet they were to read and to share with her. I'm a little behind here with deadlines, but I ran across this project- just right for a spring cleaning collection. In my book, Mothers and Daughters at Home, there is a project like this that we created on a jug and a lamp. That was fun, but this one is easier because the surface is flat. I made it a long time ago with all kinds of little messages and trinkets in it about the family. Once featured in Romantic Homes (summer, 2003?), it's actually a memory collage inside a small cocktail tray table. We keep a glass top on it which rests on 4 corner letter cubes (like dice) the same height. Getting ahead of myself though.

You need a table or tray with a recess or rim- this one is about 12" square. Also a tub of premixed wall tile grout from the hardward store and a spackling knife. Collect a bowl full of junk or treasures....that's what happened to the rest of my heart-shaped rocks, right in front of me. Forgot I used them here! Try to stay with pieces that aren't too tall (certainly not taller than the 4 corner cubes). Plan the arrangement on a separate piece of paper- similar in size to the table/tray top. Spread the grout about 1/4" thick on the table or tray and stick the junk in it as planned. Let it dry overnight. Tips-- you can add acrylic paint to the grout if it's white and you want a different color. I like the grey putty color. Use damp cotton swabs to clean stray grout off the tops of junk- before it hardens. And definitely make the 4 corners the same height so you can add the glass without a wobble. Get a professional glass cutter to cut a 1/4" plate glass top to fit and polish the edges.  My glass cost about $15.     xoC....A, E, M and M

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