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packing, rushing, knitting


I know I promised a different post, but there doesn't seem to be time for everything these last few days. Today I am rushing to finish a design project...never good to rush that kind of thing. Then packing to go visit the littlest Lyons at college for the weekend. Can't wait to see her!

Will take my new favorite church sale sweater -- this blue one from Norway. It is beautifully made and the colors are gorgeous --seems never worn though it is vintage. My mom used to knit sweaters like this for us when we were in school. We would pick out colors from her yarn basket on Friday and wear the sweater to school on Monday. There was one that was charcoal grey, dark red hearts and white snowflakes that I remember as my favorite then. I'll take my knitting, therapy for the airport gate wait. Lately all I knit are scarves and cowls. Just go around and around until the yarn is gone or the trip is over. Good to be busy. xoC


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