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Our garden club maintains a small greenhouse annex nearby. The members grow plants from seed and cuttings that are then sold in the spring to fund our civic and conservation projects. It is always like spring in there...even in February. Today I stopped by to help with a small project. Selfishly, I hung around with the camera. The spring green against the stone walls in winter sunlight makes me feel like I'm inside a waterfall.



The other bright spot here is our daughter Erin's cover story for Time Out Chicago. Every year they do a special issue for volunteering which is so cool in itself. Cooler still is that they ask her to write it. This is the second year that she has and we are very proud of her!



We have another notable volunteer in the house. I am going to save that story for tomorrow I think....too tired to brag anymore tonight. xoC

edit-- Cherry has a lovely post today about creative women who do their best to pursue their dreams in spite of everything in the way. Her encouraging thoughts are an inspiration to any kind of day. Also a nice mention and picture of my newest tea cozy made for her online shop. It's my new favorite.

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