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the owl and the pussycat


This is Sassy, my mom's beloved cat. I tell you that right off because I don't want anyone to think she is in danger out there on the 21st floor balcony. Notice the size of her, the gap between the bars. Not going anywhere but to the view, not the slightest bit tempted to do anything reckless and always there with an escort. She loves to go out there and stretch her claws in the astro-turf once or twice each day, just for a minute. I think it is hilarious that she sits by that plastic owl, their silhouettes so similar. I tried so hard to get the shot of them looking straight ahead side by side, but not to be. Sassy is a shy girl and was uncomfortable with all the media attention.


Perhaps they are chatting about the state of the world below. No pigeons today, nothing at all.

My mom adopted Sassy on the last day the shelter was going to keep her. We know what that means. Mom had previously adopted teen-aged cats that were a little too spunky for her. When her last cat disappeared from her suburban yard (coyotes), I suggested an older cat that would be happy indoors and not try to sneak out every time the back door opened. One that would sit on the bed/couch with her and be a comfort. Sassy who was the same jumbo size when adopted fits the bill perfectly. A slow-moving sweetheart. I have never seen my mom so in love with an animal as she is with Sassy. Alot of purring, furry cat there to put in one's lap. They are very content together, (mostly) indoors on the 21st floor.


Back inside. It's a jungle out there. Or is that in here? Whatever.

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