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sweets for the table


My mom used to give us her valentines at breakfast. I can still see the decorated table with all the goodies scattered around. For some reason I really remember the year of the jump ropes. We had way too much fun with those and must have driven her nuts. February, indoors, 3 candied-up kids running around with ropes, with handles.

No running around here this year. It's pretty cold and the snow is coming. I ran across this image from a project I did for Cranston Fabrics. If I didn't want to go out again, I could make these for the valentine table. Trying to remember how I did make this. Hmmm. Rag strips torn and basket woven. I think I sewed them to a backing rectangle on one long and one short side, then wove them and sewed the ends down on the remaining sides. I like the way the silverware is tucked into the open weave. And I am sorry I sold my pink rooster cup and saucer at a tag sale last summer-- though I would not have missed it if not for this photo.

Thinking that more than anything, my family would like a really good meal for a valentine. Better get out and find ingredients for that, but there is still time to whip up some cute placemats too. It's tomorrow!  Are you ready? xoC

P. S.  Have extra rag strips? You can always try this project too... time to think about spring now.


flower children