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c is for cherry...


That word cute used to be a word I challenged myself to avoid, but I'm bringing it out again. It's rapidly becoming my favorite word for so, so many things. Just really like the way it sounds. It's like a little shout. I made these tea cozies (spelled cosies in England) exclusively for Cherry's online store and must say that they are, you know, CUTE. The decorations are actually pins- so when you aren't serving tea, you can wear the pin. I thought it would be good to have it be removable for washing too.



Do treat yourself and go to the reopening of Cherry's cottage store. It has been freshly restocked with all sorts of adorable goodies for the home. Our friend Fiona at Nonnie has contributed quite a few must-have creations. I confess that I am excited to have my work represented in a store, online or not, in England.

I know that CUTE was also my main descriptor yesterday for this. Having overused darling, sweet, adorable, dear, I can't think of any other words for awhile. Just a little while. I'll get tired of this one too. Anyway, while you are out cyber-shopping, stop off and visit Bayberry Cove. The Sweet Mountain Holiday Collection is looking so...well, you know.

off she goes

it's snowtime!