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an imperfect world


I finished and sent my block for Sabine's quilt to the wonderful ladies over here. I was rushing to get it out the door for the deadline. If I had looked at this hastily snapped photo -- or even the block itself after pressing it, I would have ripped open one of the seams and tried to sew it straighter. I feel like I sewed it to my skirt or something. Once upon a time 20 years ago, I made handquilted pieced quilts for our family. None of the block corners matched, the rules of quilting broken everywhere you looked. My quilting stitches looked like basting. I have come to understand that piecing and quilting is one of the hardest crafts. In spite of the flaws, I so wanted it to be done well - for the honor of being included in this project and of course, for the Kims. Little Sabine will look at my square at some point and be reminded of the imperfect world...not really my intention at all, but I'm pretty sure she will also know it was made with faraway love and hope. I think she will anyway. I will never know Sabine. But I think about her alot, her sister Penelope, and Kati. I imagine their sadness, the depth of it.

One of my favorite quotes is Helen Keller's ... Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. Sabine and Penelope must be sparkling sunshine for Kati. I picture these quilts, made with so many loving hands, spread out on the grass some day this spring. Hoping the Kims can stretch out together, share some happier memories... looking up at the sunshiney sky.

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