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One of the things we did while the girls were here for the weekend was make little critters. Dede loved my little Jake and was very determined to make her own. She spent one whole afternoon stitching and chuckling over the creations she imagined. These guys are really little. My Jake is less than 4" tall. Takes some nimble fingers, but we are just this side of arthritis knuckles so it's probably good exercise for our old hands. How cute is this? She just sent me her jpeg and I wasted no time asking if it could go up here today. So darling! Is Ella sitting on some checkers?

A little more on the subject of sharing....my daughter Erin called this morning and told me 2 stories. The first one was a follow-up to the one about John Paul, a grad school student photographer, hired before the holidays to help a school donor learn how to use his new camera. John Paul wasn't comfortable asking for any payment in the end because the instruction was so basic. The gentleman gave him a gift certificate to a local restaurant. That much I knew. Are you guessing what happens? They got dressed up, went out and used it last night...expensive dinner that they so cannot afford. Comes time to pay the bill...the gift certifcate is bogus, was never, ever worth anything! That was half the couch they have been saving for. She laughed it off and said kinda funny, the dinner was good. She thinks the guy regifted it and didn't know. OOOOOOOO, so not cool. I'm the kinda mom who wants to ring that guy's doorbell and......

Second story....Years ago Erin worked at Young Chicago Authors, a not-for-profit for urban HS students who are interested in creative writing and spoken word. While she was there, she launched a magazine called Say What, which is written by teenagers and distributed in English classrooms throughout Chicago public schools as a teaching tool.  She met John Paul there while he volunteered teaching photography. The poet and the photographer.


Recently, she heard that a student from the program was in her area now attending the university where she happens to work. So she called him, they had coffee, found out that he was struggling a bit...so far away from home, missing his neighborhood, his spoken word group -- possibly dropping out. Over coffee, she helped him discover reasons to stay, to keep at it and take advantage of all the opportunity. And now she is having him to their place for dinner so he can meet John Paul. OOOOOOOOOO, so awesomely cool! I'm so proud of her big heart, her kindness, intelligence, sensitive spirit, compassion, her place in the world.

And I'm sending them a check today for half a couch. Selfishly, I'm thinking we need something to sit on when we visit.

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