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beading and football


On Sunday, Maggie and I spent the afternoon watching football and sorting the bead box. She (Patriots) and her boyfriend (Jets) root for opposing teams, seriously...and they were playing each other that day. They decided to watch separately. Andy and I didn't know who to back on this. NY Jets would be obvious, right? Not so easy. Then there are the Giants too.

So the beads were everywhere, all over the couch. We have beads from many generations of projects and ages of child. Some are special, some are not. I just got a packet of goodies from sweet Sara at Mantofev and it included these faux optical lenses. I don't know how to make soldered charms with images inside but wanted to get that look so this is a good substitute. Snip a word and add it to a teensy scrap of paper big enough to fill the glass (about the size of a quarter). Mod Podge or whatever works great to reverse it into the glass. When it dries, back it with some other paper...sheet music is a favorite here. As far as the beading goes, I'm no pro at that either, but some sturdy beading thread surfaced in the box too. I sort of cobbled this thing together so I hesitate to be telling you how to make it. Basics: I started with the crystal and strung my way to a loop at the end. It's the finishing that is so tricky. Those crimping things work pretty well if you remember to put them on before the end. I like this style of necklace though...a pendant that can be adjusted. Looking at the picture, I'm thinking that pink beads and valentine-y messages would be very nice for Valentine's Day. Can't wait for that!


Maggie's team won, his/ours did not, but we certainly had a nice time playing with the beads. And Andy cooked another memorable meal while we sat on the couch! Love Sundays that way.

Thanks for all the sweet, supportive comments yesterday about my Midwest collection. I am very excited. Fingers crossed that there is a big buzz over Sweet Mountain Holiday.  xoC

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