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kind of a mess


I had this whole post up here called robe days that was all about my grief and a few happier things too. I'm so mixed up...confused, angry, sad. Anyway...I had a little talk with myself because I hated those hideous watermarks. I tried to repost without them and ended up deleting the whole post. Just as well, it was pretty blue. Things seem out of my control...my precious Jake taken from me makes me want to tie everything else down and keep it safe...(yeah, I know- poor kids!) That's not how this world works. So here are the best parts of that post revisited...Nancy's memory box and the drawings from the neighborhood kids. And Mo's generous decision to donate her 120 beanie babies to beaniesforbaghdad.com. I do apologize for all the goofs and fretting here. I'll get a grip on it soon I hope.


get busy

the dog of a lifetime