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cookies for you


Thank you, thank you all so much for the kind thoughts, wishes, prayers sent our way yesterday. It makes a huge difference to know that Jake is in your hearts. My heart is full -- with love, gratitude, sadness, fear, hope. Today the kids come home and I have to pull myself together. If I could, I would send you each cookies from Jake. He is grateful too.

We make these every year for the sanitation crew and the mailman. They are always so generous to Jake. The trash guys, Pete, Craig and Richard stop the truck and get out to give him a biscuit, pet him and say hi. They do that 2x a week -- every time they come. Joe, the mailman, meets him at the first mailstop with a biscuit and Jake runs to the next one where he sits and waits for Joe to catch up and give him another. All the way down the street and back up again. He doesn't give him a treat at every stop (he would get fat), but Jake sure sets it up so he might.


The vet is prepping me for what I think he knows is the reality. Little by little, he is getting me ready for the worst news. He is very kind and compassionate about the whole thing, sits with me and waits for me to really listen. Whatever it is, I am so glad to have Jake here by me now. We all are. He'll be so happy when the house is full of all the people he loves so much.

Not sure he feels much like running out to see Joe today. That's okay. It's steak, french bread and cheese for him now. Bring it on, mama and get yourself another glass of wine.

jeepers, it's Christmas

concern, despair, hope