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greens workshop


Today was the annual Greens Workshop. We all get together at the church where we pool resources and make an assortment of arrangements and wreaths for our fund-raising auction later in the week. Boxes of beautifully fragrant greens fill the tables, boxwood wreaths and containers stacked high. Clippers, wire cutters, scissors, spools of ribbon, pinecones, holly, floral wire, berry sprays, dried roses, pepper berries, soaked oasis, glass ornaments, sheets of moss, hydrangeas, pomegranates, rosemary sprigs. And top-notch expertise and examples everywhere you look. So many fabulous things lined up by the door when we finished.

Then on Thursday we have lunch and buy them (sometimes our own!) at the auction....way more fun than writing a donation check. One of my wreaths still needs a little somethin' and will try to think of some way to decorate it. A grapevine wreath that I wrapped in fresh sheets of moss and rosemary with boxwood. I'm thinking of adding some vintage winter photographs on tags. We'll see.

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