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Yes, they have gone home.

Thankfully, sweet Maggie, chef Maggie, crafty Maggie is still here and there won't be any whining from me. She has to go back to work tomorrow. I'll be sad then. But I will get busy crafting which is always the best tonic for worry and/or the blues....read somewhere that someone said, "Feeling blue? Get up and DO!" 

Looks like a craft bomb went off in the studio and it was also the hiding place for excess junk in the rest of the house over the holiday. And there is plenty of that. Straightening up will give me access to some of the buried materials I can use tonight. Maybe even some new ideas as the felts, trims, papers, buttons, paints pass through my hands or land near other things.

I did make some cute placecards for the T-day dinner. Role reversal mother/daughter, I felt like a little kid banished from the kitchen commotion, but certainly had fun tinkering with papers and stuff. I have a box of standard shipping tags on my worktable so I cut and pasted paper scraps onto each and then wrote the guests' names. I prefer the way my handwriting looks in pencil, but it also means that they can repurpose them. (We had some laughs when everyone tied them onto their clothes for nametags.) After I pasted the papers onto the tags, I sewed through them right down the center with my machine. Sewing on paper with a zigzag stitch has long been a favorite technique of mine, especially since the gluestick is not always a reliable adhesive. I like the way the sewing looks on the back too. You have to have another needle for the machine handy. They break after awhile as the paper dulls the needle point.

Tied onto the napkins -or people, they looked pretty sweet.

old favorites

dinner out