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dinner out


Jake is loving all the attention. Me, too. Another lazy day.

I am trying to post something every day which is a little bit of a challenge. I'm not used to this much writing, but the activity round here needs to be noted.

The girls went off shopping this afternoon and they hit our favorite "disposable clothing" store pretty hard. Looked like they had been to the grocery with all the bags they pulled from the trunk. They assured me it was all sale merch, but whatever, I like it that they get to go off together, just the three of them. Now we are witnessing a frantic fashion show as they try to select final outfits for dinner. Their dad and I are used to watching this, and we get a chuckle when we see that outfit number 5 looks a lot like 2, 3, or 4. We are almost ready to go and are happy that boyfriends, John Paul (Erin) and James (Maggie) are coming too. So the 7 of us will be the rowdy, loudy table in the corner....not their fault though. Let's go!


sit back