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C is for....

is not for crafting today after all. It is for cleaning. Houseguests arrive for the weekend and the house is in great need of attention. Dog hair is everywhere this time of year -- a golden retriever-- well, yeah, there is never a good time of year, but it's really bad during seasonal transitions. Between that and the cobwebs on the rafters (do you think they will look up at the ceiling fan? maybe I'll just turn it on, can't see the dirt that way. ewww!) So I had my hands busy dusting instead of decorating collages and crafts. I must say it is kind of nice to stop and actually look at all this stuff I have collected while I dust it. I still love my things- especially when they are clean. It might take a few days to reform the joint--piles of magazines to banish, clothes to actually get into closets/drawers and a few spots to deepclean. The rickrack will have to wait. I think it will....looks like it's lasted about 40 years in a box as it is. What's another day or two? If I were a house spider, I would consider moving out to the porch for a few days until the coast is clear.

maple shower